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PureLaunch Tracker

The PureLaunch Tracker™, a 3-Dimensional Doppler-radar based wireless Zelocity PureLaunch Tracker™. The PureLaunch Tracker™ with numerous Doppler-radar transceivers accurately captures data for the golf club, golf swing, golf ball and launch conditions.

Accurate, affordable, portable and durable, requiring no leveling or calibration and operates on either rechargeable batteries or electricity.

The PureLaunch Tracker™ wireless unit sets up in seconds and the same monitor can be used either indoors or outside. With a total weight of less than 6 lbs the PureLaunch Tracker™ is easily transported.

The PureLaunch Tracker™ software displays and provides for the printing of summarized and detailed graphical comparison by club or ball tested and session statistics.

The PureLaunch Tracker™ golf ball tracking technology and logic enables hundreds of thousands of data points to be captured in a relatively short distance or tracked for as far as necessary to validate the captured information.


  • Metrics include Club head speed at impact, Club head speed prior to impact, Ball velocity, Launch angle, Total spin, Side spin, Shot deviation, Angle of approach, Angle of descentClub face anglePower transfer ratioCarry & total distance, Azimuth/Side angle, Swing path, Dynamic loft (Driver), Shot type,
  • Profile trajectory and Overhead trajectory
  • Wireless technology
  • Club & ball database
  • Full report suite and Data export to MS Excel functionality
  • 10 hour rechargeable batteries
  • No striping or marking of ball needed
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Simulator Software

PureLaunch Tracker integrated simulator software by Holiday Golf is now available as an optional add on to the PureLaunch Tracker.

Golf simulator software options are now available to use with your PureLaunch Tracker. The simulator software options range from a single driving range application to our top of the line 23 golf course package. Many of these options enable you to use your PureLaunch Tracker to play a round of golf on existing and fantasy golf courses.

Contact us for details on this exciting new offering.


• Launch monitor with three integrated Doppler-radar transceivers; Patented technology; Made in USA
• Shot data transferred via wireless connection to personal computer (not included)
• PureLaunch Tracker computer software provided for processing, end user interface and presentation
• Outputs: Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Carry/Total Distance, Power Transfer Ratio %, Launch Angle, Total Spin, Deviation, Angle of Descent, Angle of Approach, Side Spin, Club Face Angle, Tempo, Azimuth, Swing Path, Dynamic Loft, Shot Type, Impact Position, Trajectory Graphics, Club Acceleration and Deceleration, Database and Reports


• Custom Club Making, Club Fitting, Advanced Golf Instruction, Serious Golfers


• No adjustments for right-handed and left-handed golfers
• Indoor or outdoor use; No calibration required; Setup time less than 1 minute
• Trigger automatically or manually


• Portable, compact design
• Wireless communication from computer to PureLaunch Tracker
• No maintenance required; One (1) year factory warranty for original owner
• Operates using internal rechargeable Batteries or AC power outlet; Recharge ~ 4 hrs; Avg. Life ~ 10 hrs
• One (1) year customer service and free software upgrades included for original owner


• Rugged ABS domes, bases and neoprene pad
• Power button, AC power port
• External LED indicator for Power ON/OFF and Radar ARMED/NOT ARMED


• Internal, rechargeable 12V DC Lithium Ion batteries
• Power Transformer provided for recharging or AC operation
• Input Voltage (auto-sensing): 100-240V at 47-63 Hz; Output 12V 4.0A


• Compatible with Windows 32 & 64 bit operating systems with at least 2 Gig RAM (4 Gig recommended) 
• Video card with 3D acceleration, .Net framework required
• Screen resolution 1024 by 768 pixels (minimum)


• Weight: 7 lbs.
• Shipping: (H x W x D): 29” x 10” x 9”; 10 lbs; One (1) unit per container


• Operating temperature: 10° to 125°F; 1% to 90% Relative Humidity
• Non-operating storage conditions: -20° to 130°F; 1% to 95% Relative Humidity
• Compliant with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) product regulations

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