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Whether you purchase a product through us, direct from the manufacturer, a reseller or even a friend we can provide you with the very best in support and service.  Our support staff is expertly trained in the support of each product we sell.

In many situations we have adequate replacement parts on hand to perform most common repairs in an expeditious manner.  In some cases though, a part or parts need to be procured which can slow down the repair cycle.

Often a product comes in for service without documented information about the problem and most of the time the customer can only provide minimal details. We begin the repair process by assessing the failure based on the intended use of the product. We use multiple tools during the failure analysis process to determine the most likely cause of the problem. 

Once the root cause is determined we are able to determine the cost of the repair.  In addition, an evaluation is performed to ensure that all other major electronic systems are performing as expected and have not deteriorated due to the root cause of the problem.

Once the repair is completed a separate group within the company performs the acceptance testing and controls the signoff process.  Any repair not passing the acceptance phase of the repair is sent back to the repair technician along with a detailed report of why the acceptance failed.

Every effort is made to diagnose the problem quickly, make the necessary repairs, test the product to ensure the repair was successful and return the product to the customer as fast as possible.

Support and service are provided under warranty, service agreements and on a per incident basis.  Please consult with your assigned sales associate for detailed information about a variety of support programs.

For assistance please contact us at support@xtremeradar.com or at 602.464.4587

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